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Garbage Disposal : The Do’s and Don’ts


The garbage disposal that hangs underneath your sink, is a handy tool, and if used properly, can quickly and efficiently meet your disposal needs.

But you can not put anything and everything down through it or your going to be spending more time unclogging it, replacing parts, or worse..

Replacing it with another.

But if you know what you should never send down into your garbage disposal than you can have a unit that operates for long lasting durability.

Garbage disposals are expensive if you didn’t already know, and if you spend the extra cash on a premium unit then you must stay mindful of the dangers you are creating when you feed certain foods to its blades. While at the same time you need to do a few easy tasks that will help your disposal last long, operate efficiently, and sanitize it.



Grease is a hot mess.
There is nothing easier than pouring that crackling liquid straight down the drain, so you don’t have to worry about the actual clean up.
What a lot of people don’t realize is that grease thickens up as it gets colder and can create a waxy substance that will stick to anything. Keep this out of your garbage disposal to avoid food accumulation.

Hot Water

Hot water may seem like the logical choice for when you are rinsing down certain foods to the drain.
But actually…
It’s that seemingly beneficial trait of loosening the foods up easier, can actually cause more harm than good.

Combustible Material

These may find there way down into your disposal purely by accident, but you need to be careful things like matches or lighters do not make there way down in there.
You won’t cause an explosion but a dry garbage disposal creating friction with a book of matches or a lighter filled with butane can cause serious damage.

Vegetable Peels

When your trying to make some mashed potatoes or cook up some yams to compliment that perfect set of delicious meat your preparing.
You need to throw those peels your shaving off, straight into the garbage or into your compost pile.
Introducing these kinds of peels into the disposal can cause clogs that are extremely difficult to remove. When peels are grinded up together with the addition of having water applied to the mix as well, they can form into a gooey paste that can find a home in every corner and hole it can. Causing your disposal to perform poorly, or not at all.

Absorbent Foods

Absorbent foods are the ones that absorb water while cooking them. For example
The pasta noodles you are boiling for your penne pasta salad. Notice the size of the noodles when they are un-cooked, once they are boiled and fully cooked you see that they get an almost “water logged” look.

This happens to them even after if you send some old soak dishwater filled with them down into your drain. It can be too much for your disposal to handle, and cause a serious blockage.
As for rice, it is an absorbent, you boil it for a couple of minutes then cover it and let it stand, removed from heat. During that time the rice works to absorb any liquid that it can grab a hold of. The same goes for when you wash it down the sink. Large amounts will cause the rice to enlarge and your drain hole will start overflowing.
Just throw it in the trashcan.

Large Bones

Not only can large bones severely clog up your garbage disposal completely, but having your grinding blades attempt to cut up a large bone like from a ham, or a chicken.
Can cause the blades to dull out fairly quickly and you will need either replace them or have an ineffective garbage disposal.

Find a good spot in your trash to dispose of your meat bones, throw them into an old grocery bag to cover the scent.Pasta expands and can cause clogs. Never put pasta in your disposal.


Dish Soap

This one is a bit obvious.
A disposal would be pretty pointless if you couldn’t add dish soap to run through them. When using cold water add a good amount of dish soap to run through your disposal system to give a good and thorough flush cleaning.

Use Disposal Regularly

Even when you are not using your disposal, it is good to run some cold water and soap through it regularly to avoid any corrosion or old food build up.

Citrus Fruits for a Fresh Scent

Due to its nature and purpose, the disposal is going to collect some nasty stuff over time that will begin to rot inside your drain system.

This can cause a very powerful, and distinctly unpleasant smell.
Run some citrus fruit like a sliced up lemon or lime. The high acidic levels in these fruits will help to take away any old food particles that may be laying around, while leaving behind their enjoyably fresh scent behind them.

Run Cold Water

You want to run your faucets water at cold when you are rinsing down to your disposal. Hot water can cause foods to form into sticky , over bloated messes.

Whole Ice Cubes

By using a hand full or two of your ice cubes and turning on your disposal, you can use this little trick to help sharpen your dulled up blades.

Make sure to use whole ice cubes so that you can give your disposal a complete treatment, crushed ice from the fridge will be gone quickly and not be very effective for this task.
Keeping your garbage disposal clean, sharp, and operational is something that takes some consideration. Most people do not think of the small things such as these and they end up replacing their garbage disposals frequently.

If you follow these Dos and Don’ts then we can promise you that your garbage disposal will live a long and useful life for you and all your household food waste needs, if you do need a new one make sure you read garbage disposal reviews.

Want healthy fried food? It has to come out of hot air!

airfryer-philipsWe all crave for those tasty fried food like fried chicken or French fries or fried vegies that makes it so hard for us to keep out of mind and avoid on lunch time. We all love that crispy texture and the amazing taste of fried ingredients, but we are too much worried about our cholesterol or heart or weight to allow that simple pleasure to ourselves. Am I right?

We spoke to and apparently Philips knew about our deep wish and created a breakthrough kitchen appliance that uses only hot air to fry the food. It actually needs 80% less fat in the food to create exactly the same tastiness as when the food is deep-fried.

It is actually promoted as a low fat fryer and a multicooker because apparently it works fine also as a micro oven, or grill. Also, its settings and the timer incorporated make it possible for the Airfryer to be the only cooker in the house as it does everything by itself. You don’t need to take out the food and turn it around as you usually do when you bake or grill. The hot air circulates from any angle frying the food all around.

Its basket where to put the food is simple to take out and also to clean. It has a screen display for the settings and simple buttons you can use even without instructions, even though a booklet is provided in the box.

It comes in two basic colors: black or white. The cord is long two feet so it gives you some possibilities to plug it and choose the right spot on your counter.

It is a little heavy, which means that you will most probably move it very rarely from the top of your counter.

The temperature varies from 30 degrees in 390 F. It makes a little noise as the incorporated fan works hard to keep the entire bad odor from spreading into your kitchen.

Usually you don’t need to turn the food around while it is being cooked, but for some food which come in little pieces like for example French fries, you might want to take the basket out every now and then and shuffle the basket so all the pieces get fried evenly.

The cooking settings can be changed even during the cooking process and when the preset time is over, the machine shuts off automatically so you never end up with overcooked food.

PureSleep Mouthguard Review: Should You Give It A Try?

PureSleep is a mandibular advancement device, which is more commonly known as a MAD.

This MAD has been designed to hold your jaw in the forward position while you sleep, just like other MADs. Maintaining an open airway for you to breath easily without the sound of snoring.


More About PureSleep

PureSleep is a self molded mouthpiece that can be customized by you using the traditional boil and bite technique.

It comes with both an upper and lower piece that can join together in three variable settings. Once you connect the pieces together you can do your boil and bite technique and your device will be ready for use—just like that.

This mouthpiece is made of two varieties of plastic, but both are BPA and Latex Free. This device is made 100% in the USA and cleared by the FDA.

Custom It To Fit—You

When you get your PureSleep device it will be in two pieces. Instructions will be sent with it for you to work with the adjustment process. You can’t mold the device until you pick your desired setting, and it is very important that you choose the right one so take your time doing it.

How Much Does It Cost?

The PureSleep offers you a two for one price at the moment. Which is great if you want to have a back up or one ready for when your first one wears out.

Currently priced at just $59.90 with $10 shipping for two devices, you will see that this is one of the most valuable devices on the market. With each piece priced at about $35 per unit.

One unique offer that this device will give you though, is a 30-day trial. You just have to pay $9.95 to cover the shipping and handling, and your two devices are mailed to you.

If after 30 days you are not satisfied with this mouthpiece—you return them. If you do not return the devices on the 30th day your credit card is charged the full amount of $59.90. Which is a pretty great deal, especially when your talking about a product such as this snoring mouthpiece.

Anyone that has tried one of these knows that there are times when you go through a couple different types before you find the right one. This one allows you to save some cash while you experiment.


  • Air-holes to allow you to breath through your mouth
  • Boil and Bite technique to achieve a customized fit
  • Three different adjustable settings
  • 30 day $9.95 trial offer
  • BPA & Latex Free
  • USA Made & FDA Approved
  • Durable for about six to nine months
  • Purchase two for the price of one


  • Once molded you cannot change the adjustments
  • It can take up to two weeks for the product to arrive when ordered on the internet, and up to four weeks over the phone
  • Can cause some jaw soreness and drooling
Should You Buy A PureSleep?

PureSleep is an affordable anti snoring solution that is made in the USA—designed by a dentist. Made of safe BPA and Latex free material with built in air holes in the front to allow you to breath through your mouth at night.

I recommend this device to anyone that is looking for a fairly priced product. The 30 trial offer is a nice touch to allow those on a budget to safely try their product.

It has all the advantages that you would want in a mouthpiece with FDA approval, boil and bite fitting, front air holes, and jaw adjustments.

But one of the biggest disadvantages this device has is that once you have molded it, you can not change the jaw adjustments. So getting that right on the first try is pretty important.

If you want to try something new, this is a quality product that offers you low risk, and in my opinion has too many advantages for you not to give it a try.

Great Customer Service

Customer Service Evaluation FormGreat customer service is a skill required for the development of business as well as for an employee’s professional growth. Being a part of support team doesn’t merely require being a people person. Below we try to outline 10 skills that pretty much cover all the aspects of good customer care.

1. Be patient:

Not only patience is required when faced with a frustrated customer but also essential for overall business growth. Keeping calm and cool under pressure is the number one quality to be acquired here.

2. Pay attention:

Truly listen to what the customer is saying. Not just what he/she literally says but where does all the conversation points towards?

3. Communicate clearly:

Keep it short, sweet and to the point. No one has got the time for your stories it’s unprofessional too. Your conversation must not contain any subtle hints that might be misinterpreted later by the customer.

4. Know your Product:

Employers must pay attention to this one. Upon hiring a new team for customer care it should be provided with training sessions. These sessions should contain deep explanation of services or product the company has to offer. Without first hand product or service knowledge an employee would be unable to help any customer in any way.

5. Communicate positively:

Here is an example. A product is unavailable and not expected to be delivered at the warehouse until next month. When a customer comes looking for it you can either say; sorry we can’t get you that.

Or you can say; it will be available next month. I can place your order right now and as soon as it is delivered to our warehouse it will be sent your way. Just currently unavailable.

You can clearly feel how the first example is repulsive while the second is engaging and much positive.

6. Fake it until you make it:

Customer care requires good acting skills so that a chronic grumpy customer (having a good or a bad reason) won’t drag you down and ruin the rest of your day.

7. Time management:

Set appropriate and healthy max time limit so that every single customer may not drain your whole brain.

8. Know your customer:

Basic behavioral psychology principles are in order to be taught to the customer care team during training sessions.

9. Targeted focus:

A company should designate clear goals for the employees so that their focus may not stray while dealing with so many different people and issues each day.

10. Handle the unexpected:

Design a lay out in case of emergencies;

Who is the go-to person going to be if faced with a surprise?

What precisely to forward to get the best solution?

What methods of communications shall be used? Like small issues over chat and serious ones via emails to keep the mail baggage as lighter as possible

11. Be a Promoter:

Customer care is not only about problem solving many times customer seeks simple information and as a company representative, employee must be persuasive.

6 Reasons Why Amazon Product Reviews Matter to Merchants

Importance of Product Reviews for Sellers


One of the world’s most famous online shopping platforms Amazon is not only a popular online store but it’s a great place to find product reviews just as well. Not only buyers benefit from these reviews but they are also valuable to sellers. Here’s how:

1. Popularity of reviews alone:

People nowadays literally love reading product reviews. Either its them who wants to buy something or a friend looking for second opininions.

What better way for a seller to carry out an online survey of what people have to say about their product, before going all the way with launching.

2. Shopping experience reinvented:

Public’s obsession with Amazon is not limited to any single country anymore. The craze has now spread worldwide. Ever since the company was founded in 1994, their popularity only climbed its way up and that for a good reason, enhanced shopping experience. World’s largest collection of products combined with offers like free shipping, easy to use web services bound the customers to come back looking for more.

The number of amazon users now has increased to 44million during past couple of years. This in turn translates into stock market growth for the company with its shares values going up about 700$ time and again.

3. Honesty of reviews:

With business game going online it becomes easier for manipulators to turn to unfair tactics like putting fake reviews. But the key to customer’s loyalty is Honesty. People trust amazon reviews and keep coming back for that very trust. That is why Amazon in turn works hard to keep that honesty factor alive and active. The company declared that they will carry out legal action against the publication of untrue reviews.

That is a huge favor sellers get on a platform like amazon. A place where lying is subjected to penalty is a place for quality to flourish.

4. Market Insight:

Amazon’s biggest advantage is its product directory, neatly categorized. Categories have sub-categories and finally at the product level, they are graded in accordance with the reviews they have. This in a productive manner brings out what customer preferences are, helping sellers to conclude what or what not to bring to the market. It also helps them analyze all shortcomings in the current available deals and how they may take an advantage by bringing in something new with solutions.

5. Separating product from the seller:

The negative feedback can sometimes become ugly. The buyer can have a bad experience or a buyer might be simply a rude person having unrealistic expectation out of the product, distasteful comments must be kept from becoming a personal attack rather than a product review. Amazon wisely keeps the line drawn by providing separate platforms for both, seller feedback and customer review.

6. Keeping an eye on online review is a smart seller move:

Amazon is a proven example how un-biased customer reviews can play a vital role in the flourishing and well-being of a business.

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